PQC 2019

The Perspectives on Quantum Computing: NISQ and beyond (PQC 2019) conference will take place on Friday 29 November, in the historical building of “La Sorbonne”  (Amphitheater Liard) in Paris 05.

The aim of the conference is to present current achievements of NISQ  (Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum) computers, including quantum supremacy,  to a knowledgeable but non-expert audience. Companies interested in possible applications are welcome, as well as academic researchers. The conference is expected to be a forum for fruitful interactions. 

There will be introductory talks  on recent results, e.g. by  Google and IBM,  as well as specific use-cases presented by companies. These issues are also important within the ongoing European Quantum Technology flagship, and the upcoming French Great Challenge on quantum technologies.

The conference is organized jointly by the French network SIRTEQ (Science and Engineering in Ile de France for Quantum Technologies) , the Rectorat de Paris. and the DRRT Ile-de-France

Registration is free but mandatory, see  "My Registration"

Please note that your registration will be validated only after receiving a confirmation email from us.


Here is the pre-program of the conference



Program committe

Cyril Allouche, ATOS 

Patrice Bertet, CEA 

Eleni Diamanti, Sorbonne université

Daniel Esteve, CEA 

Philippe Grangier, CNRS

Iordanis Kerenidis, PCQC, CNRS

Anthony Leverrier, INRIA 

Organizing committee

Philippe Grangier, CNRS

Yara Hodroj, CNRS 


Registration is free but mandatory. The attendance is limited to 200 registered participants (see the registration page). There are no conference fees. Lunch and coffee breaks will be free for participants. Support for travel or stay expenses cannot be provided.

Please note that your registration will be validated only after receiving a confirmation email from us.


The conference will take place at the historical Amphitheatre Louis Liard, La Chancellerie des Universités de Paris, 47, rue des Écoles, Paris.




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